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The Chosen One Pin

Take your favorite protagonist anywhere! Perfect for your backpack, bag, suits - literally ANYTHING! Theis pin has super shiny and pop finish which will guarantee people to notice you. Imagine this. You’re in math class. A girl notices your shiny and amazing pin. She comes up to you. “Omg I love your pin.” You guys talk. Fall in love. 6 years later, you’re married. Every second of the day that passes by, you’re happy. But oh no. You find out she’s cheating on you. You were looking forward to the birth of your first child. You get divorced. You’re depressed and sad. You feel like there’s nothing in life for you anymore. You go into the closet packing everything out because you just got evicted. As you clean it out, you find something. What’s this? My old bag from high school? It’s rusty and dusty. You slowly clean it off and turn it around. And then you see the Chosen One staring back at you, smiling proudly. You start crying tears of joy. Good night, sweet prince. *Limited while supplies last*

Dimensions: 1'x1,25'