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  • Commonly Asked

  • Shipping

    • How long will it take to get my order?
        After ordering, please wait 2 business days for us to process your order, and another 2-4 business days depending on the shipping carrier you have chosen. If you haven’t gotten your order within this time period, please use the contact form to contact us!
    • Do you ship internationally?
        We ship with USPS and DHL internationally; please refer to their list of accepted countries.
    • What determines shipping cost?
        Shipping cost is determined by distance from the shipment source in the US (we are located in California), or if you are international, your country’s import policies. We have no control over shipping prices, and you are responsible for all custom duties/taxes.
    • How can I track my order?
        You will receive a confirmation email after you make an order, and within this email is tracking information for your order. If you did not receive tracking information or a confirmation email, please use the contact form to message us!
    • Why is my order taking so long to ship? (covid)
        Due to COVID-19 and USPS slowdowns, orders may take a bit longer to arrive at your doorsteps. We cannot control fulfillment times or delivery since there are current issues with the postal service. We’re really sorry about this! If you have a problem with the slow-downs, please sign some petitions to save the postal service.
    • I entered the wrong shipping address, can I fix this?
        If your order has not shipped yet, please contact us immediately through our Contact page with the correct address and we can update it. After an order has already shipped, we are not responsible for where a customer has told us to ship it.
  • Pre Order

    • Why does an item say “pre-order”?
        Pre-order means an item is out of stock at that moment, but will be restocked and available later. If you purchase an item using the "pre-order" option, this means that you are paying for the item now in order to receive it as soon as it is restocked.
    • When do I get my pre-order?
        Restocking time depends on the item. If you order one item through "pre-order" with another item that's currently available, then your order will be shipped once all items are available for shipment.
  • Refund/Exchange

    • My item is damaged or defective, what do I do?
        We’re sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us through our Contact page and let us know about the issue. If the item is damaged, please include images of the damage and describe the damage to the item. Once we confirm the damages or other issues with the order, we will ship you an undamaged or fixed order. Shipping is paid for by New Memeland.
    • Can I return an item and receive a refund?
        Yes, you can return an item and receive a refund. Please do so within 1 week of receiving the product and contact us through the Contact Form. Please note that the return label will be paid by the customer.
    • Can I exchange my item for another one after I receive my order?
        You can exchange an item, please just contact us through the Contact Form. All shipping costs will be paid for by the customer.
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